Business of the Month

Nik's Knacks is located in the

ArtBoxx Salon & Company

419 South Barstow St, Downtown

Eau Claire

Creator Nikki 

The ArtBoxx Salon & Company is 13 room suite rental space that explores the individual freedom of hair stylists in the industry. This month we feature another artistic endeavor of Nikki Olson, owner, creator and  stylist extraordinaire.  Nik's Knacks, located inside the ArtBoxx, features unique and cool accessories from the neck up.   As our amazing downtown has grown, Nikki, realized the need for more places to shop downtown. Along with her creative energy, paired with already having a store front on a sidewalk in a busier and busier downtown, she decided to use her space more wisely and turn one of the suites into a hats and accessories storefront! (In fact you'll notice the shampoo bowl still intact from her time there as a hair salon!) Nikki  wanted to stick with the theme of "head and hair", so the focus is on scarves, hats and glasses, and fun little clips for your hair.  It's completely unique and one of those shops you can find something that speaks to you.  

Nikki is always adding new inventory ... check out some of the stylists, including Nikki, modeling the goods!

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