For the Business

At The Eau Claire Concierge, we provide a Customized Excursion Portfolio (CEP) to an individual thinking of relocating to, or staying in our beautiful city.  By working with you, the business, during your recruitment process, we provide the edge needed to significantly impact the decision of your potential new employee to move to, or stay in, the Chippewa Valley.
Customized Excursion Portfolio

We provide your potential hire with a personalized itinerary

of activities based on previously provided information regarding interests and personality.  

This is our secret to success!


All excursion based activities are headed by knowledgable professionals. Activities can include hiking, biking, fishing, boating, historical tours, shopping, restaurants, local music, and taverns ... the possibilities are unlimited!  Transportation is provided to and from all excursion activities.


At the conclusion of the stay, we collect feedback from the individual regarding his or her experience in Eau Claire.  

This includes excursion activities as well as those with you,

the employer. 


We can provide you with the information to better assist in any of your future recruiting.  Transportation is provided to the potential recruit's local departure location.


We will meet and greet your potential hire upon arrival to 

Eau Claire.  We provide transportation to the hotel of choice or other accommodation.


We will ensure a positive, friendly welcome to the area.  If your recruit is local, we will meet with him or her personally to create his or her own Customized Excursion Portfolio.